R: Christian Räth ■ GMD: Leon Botstein ■ B: Esther Bialas ■ K: Esther Bialas ■ CH: Catherine Galasso ■ V: Elaine Mc Carthy ■ M: Erich W. Korngold ■ L: Hans Müller-Einigen ■ 2019

Oper Summer Scape

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„DAS WUNDER DER HELIANE is a dark mystery play, an intimate psychodrama, and epic dystopian political thriller all at once. While exploring the eternal questions of the human condition and its constant struggle between good and evil. Korngold involves us in the riveting emotional journey of a woman who defies a brutal and contemptuous dictatorship by overcoming her fears and doubts and claiming her right to compassion, love, and desire.“ Christian Räth

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